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Universal Energy Meditation and Breathwork Training

The Energy Board:  Universal Energy Meditation & Breathwork  2 Day Training

Day 1 topics include:
• Theory vs experience; direct knowledge vs faith
• Energy centers (“chakras”): function, location
• Permanent activation of the chakras; practice
• Energy meditation for every day; practice
• Directing the flow of energy; practice
• Telepathy; practice

Day 2 topics include:
• Sacred geometry and Ancient Egypt
• Using sacred geometry for meditation; practice
• Transferring energy to oneself and others; practice
• Interpreting the signals we feel on our energy centers
• Body, soul and energy as the link
• Q&A

About the instructor: Stephane Guerraz, 
MBA, CFA, has 20+ years of practice and
experience teaching the Universal Energy
Meditation & Breathwork method. 
He has taught classes in
Canada, France, UK,
Hungary, the Netherlands,
South Africa and the US.

October 17, 1p-7p

October 18, 11a-3p

Tuition: $100 for the 2 days. $30 for students, free for people aged 75 and over. 

Registration by email to or at