Worried about getting to us during construction? DON'T BE!  Virginia is currently one way heading south, and construction is from Liberty all the way south to Plumb.  If you're heading to Midtown from the North, no problem!  Enjoy the straight shot down Virginia and even enjoy the extra parking installed on Virginia at the front of the building.  Everyone traveling to Midtown from south of town: the best way is to get off 395 at the Mill St Exit, veer left onto Ryland/Liberty, head towards downtown to go South on Virginia.  If you're heading to us from the south but not far enough to take 395, you can easily take Center north, up to Moran.  We actually have more parking now than ever!  Street parking on Moran and Virginia is open to the public, and the WHITE FENCED LOT on Center is always designated for our building.

600-A South Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89501

(775) 870-9905

             ENTRANCE on MORAN ST.              Between Center and Virginia.

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Parking at Ceol Irish Pub is available before 3pm, but please do not leave your car at Ceol past 3, as it affects their happy hour.  Street parking is open and available to the public all day and night, but please do not park directly in front of Nick's Greek Deli from 11a-3p, as it affects their lunch service.  Lower east lot with white fence, on Center St. (formerly Spectre Records) is always available to MCY customers.