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Beginner Mysore Ashtanga Yoga: NEW STUDENT SESSIONS

Learn more about this traditional lineage, and establish a practice in Ashtanga Yoga with Carol Curry.   

Beginners to Mysore Style Ashtanga can sign up for NEW STUDENT WEEKS. These Introductory sessions will start the first Sunday of the month, with a 7am Discussion, introducing you to the principles and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. Students will come to 2-3 early morning practices with Carol throughout the first full week of the month (6am Monday-Friday & 8:30am Sunday) to learn sequencing and postures individually and in small groups.  With special attention to basics, these beginner sessions are a great way to prepare you to integrate into the Mysore Room.   

$150 commitment includes one month of unlimited yoga, with first week of specialized beginner instruction, TWO Philosophy Sessions, and one private lesson with Carol during the month.

 ...or Register on our schedule page.  

Reach Carol directly at for more information.

Commit to 2-3 morning practices per week.  Choose from these tracks or COME EVERYDAY! 

 Sunday 8:30a/Tuesday 6a/Thursday 6a

Monday 6a/Wednesday 6a/Friday 6a

These are suggested schedules with firm start times.  Days can be switched based on your schedule and needs, but students must commit to 2-3 practices in the first week and arrive on time to these special sessions!  After the first week of practicing with this introductory schedule, students can then choose their own schedules in the Mysore room for the rest of the month and beyond....starting anytime between 5-8am Monday through Friday and 8:30-10:30a Sundays.